Top 3 film cameras you should be using in 2020


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Harman 35mm reusable camera

This is a great step up from the reusable camera. Because this harman 35mm reusable camera film is reusable it will save you money in the long run and produce some fantastic looking photos.

Harman 35mm reusable camera colour

The colours really pop when we are shooting on film. You can get truly fantastic results when you get some colour film and start shooting

Lomo Lubitel 166

This is an awesome vintage looking camera, and it has communist roots as it was made in the USSR. This film camera creates fantastic looking images. It can be expensive as 35mm film is expensive to get developed, but if you know what you’re doing you will not be disappointed.


leica d lux 7

Brilliantly beautiful Leica d lux. This is truly a deluxe camera, and you will not regret how great the images are as a result. This camera gives you the full, hands on experience.

leica d lux
leica d lux


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