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I was born in Edinburgh in 1944 and have always lived here. My wife and I live at Holy Corner, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh. Almost everything we want is within walking distance. It can be more peaceful here than out in the ‘burbs. Long may it continue. November 2016

compukitI built my first computer in 1980, soldering every component into one of the first single-board microcomputers, even the keyboard switches. A wedge of polystyrene supported the single circuit board. The computer was a Compukit UK101.

I first got plugged into the planet with Compuserve on July 6 1994, although I had used bulletin boards with the BBC Micro before that. Not much Internet back then.

Hobbies: Apart from photography and my web-site, there’s hill-walking, reading, nature, science. I started ice skating again after a 40 year gap.

Skating pages remain at old site.
(Not optimised for phones)

I also took up inline skating and used to skate to my job as a Tech Guy at PC World at Kinnaird Park. I skated via the Innocent Railway tunnel. Below is a video of me skating down Bruntsfield shortly after I became a septuagenarian.

We both gave up smoking on 4th July 1997 and still don’t miss it now in 2016. I mentioned my first computer, the Compukit UK101. That preceded the BBC Micro and the Atari ST. The latter computer is still functioning and the video below shows it booting up from its SCSI external hard disk and starting the Kozmic program I wrote and sold on floppy disks.

The Telly Man

A separate page with some recollections of what it was like to work as a TV Service Engineer long before flat screens came along.

from Klondyke to Kinnaird

Before I was a TV Service Engineer I worked as a coalminer at Newcraighall Colliery and after that at Bilston Glen Colliery at Loanhead. I wrote this for the old website in 2001.

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died 15th April 1967

Notable part in Scottish music

The death has occurred in Edinburgh of Mr Harry Vincent Henniker, M.I.E.E., who during the Second World War served on several committees in connection with war production and personnel. Very well known in musical circles, Mr Henniker joined the Edinburgh Society of Musicians, Ltd., as an associate member in 1925, and was frequently an artist at concerts in the society’s rooms. He was an accomplished pianist and violinist and was for some time leader of the Edinburgh Amateur Orchestra, In 1929 he was elected an associate member of the society’s council and became secretary in 1939. The following year he combined the secretaryship with the duties of organiser of programmes. He retired as secretary in 1958 but continued to act as programmes organiser until his death.


He will be remembered for his unselfish efforts on behalf of the society. Indeed, had it not been for his untiring devotion during the Second World War and in the post-war period, the society well might have ceased to exist. Music in Scotland, particularly in Edinburgh and Glasgow, owes him a debt of gratitude for the encouragement he gave to hundreds of music students and young professional musicians during his long association with the society by giving them a platform on which they were able to display their art.

Born in 1891 at Ramsgate, he studied engineering at Sheffield University. He came to Edinburgh in 1914 and for many years was with Bruce Peebles & Co., Ltd. In 1945 he formed the company of Henniker, Thewsey. Ltd., engineers, of which he was managing director. He lectured on engineering at the Heriot-Watt College (now university) and elsewhere. He was identified with the Scottish centre of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, and served as president of the Lothians branch. He is survived by his wife and two sons.

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Published: 12:01AM BST 04 May 2004 Telegraph newspaper
The 8th Lord Henniker, 9th Bt, who died on Thursday aged 88, was ambassador to Jordan and then to Denmark in the 1960s, and but for ill health might well have had an even more distinguished career.

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Watercolours by Katie Henniker

Scanned at 150 dots per inch. Many were scanned in two parts and joined together. Where there are informative notes on the back of pictures, these have also been scanned and follow the image they refer to.

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It’s obvious that constructive criticism by her peers and tutors played a part in my grandmother’s creative endeavours. As a photographer I learned this lesson too from fellow enthusiasts at Edinburgh Photographic Society.