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Holy Corner in InfraRed

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Holy Corner IR01
1280 x 914
An infrared photo taken from outside the Eric Liddell Centre looking across Holy Corner.
Infra Red shot taken from the bank carpark looking diagonally across to the Eric Liddell Centre.
Holy Corner 2
Infra Red

1280 x 850
There's a bench in front of Christ Church and this attractive garden separates it from the busy bus stop from Holy Corner to the city centre.
HC IR 03
1280 x 855
The next batch of infrared photos were taken in 1st June 2012. This is at the back of the bus stop to the city centre. What resembles 3 strips of paper on the bus shelter's glass is a wooden sign across the road at Morningside United Church.
HC IR 04
1280 x 909
Facing south east towards the Eric Liddell Centre, looking diagonally across the crossroads.
HC IR 05
1280 x 854
Through the bus shelter there's a glimpse of Everyone's Designs, a card shop that's been at Holy Corner for years.
HC IR 06
1280 x 855
The south end of Bruntsfield Place is home to the Edinburgh Bookshop. The road changes its name to Morningside Road as it heads further south to Church Hill and Morningside.
HC IR 07
1280 x 1024
Facing north towards the city centre. The lime tree's leaves (as with other vegetation) reflect infrared light giving the snowy white appearance.
HC IR 08
763 x 1080

Same view but slightly wider showing more foreground and the topmost leaves contrasting with the deep blue sky - which appears almost black.

Technical note: The filter used was an IR72 which excludes almost all visible light. When composing a shot nothing is visible in the DLSR's viewfinder or LCD screen until after the shot is taken, when a red image appears. Thus there's a degree of luck involved.

HC IR 09
1280 x 804
A similar shot to the second picture on this page though less wide. Taken 5 years later.
HC IR 10
1280 x 863
Looking north east across the road junction. Bruntsfield Place on the left, Chamberlain Road on the right. Concealed from view are Colinton Road to the left and Morningside Road behind the camera to the right.
HC IR 23
1280 x 854
A surreal treatment. A fisheye view straightened out and filtered for fun.
HC IR 24
1280 x 938
Still looking north east but through a long lens, telescoping the traffic together.
HC IR 25
1280 x 837
A more normal view. The Tesco Metro shop and Bank of Scotland are on the left at the end of Colinton Road. Morningside United Church is straight ahead on the corner of Bruntsfield Place and Chamberlain Road.

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