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Holy Corner, Howe Dean, Kings Theatre, Lang Linn
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Holy Corner
800 x 600
The Junction of Bruntsfield Place, Morningside Road, Chamberlain Road and Colinton Road. The evening sun dazzles drivers heading out of town along Colinton Road.
Holy Corner

1152 x 864
Photographed after the road was resurfaced and made more cyclist-friendly. The area is known as Holy Corner because of the number of churches nearby: Christ Church Morningside, Church of Scotland Morningside United, Morningside Baptist Church, and the one that's now the Eric Liddell Centre at the corner of Chamberlain Road.
No longer used as a regular church. The Scottish Gazeteer has information about the centre and about Eric Liddell. The film Chariots of Fire was based on events in his life. This photo shows the attractive stone work at one of the entrances.
Eric Liddell
new entrance

1280 x 864
The Eric Liddell Centre boasts a new entrance way with easy wheelchair access in June 2012.
Eric Liddell
Centre 02

1280 x 871
Inside the ground floor at the northwest corner facing east. The stairs at the end of the tiled passageway lead up to new floors constructed when the building's interior was modified. There is also a lift (elevator).
Eric Liddell
Centre 03

681 x 1024
The first of three shots of the stained glass windows.
Eric Liddell
Centre 04

702 x 1024
The centre window.
Eric Liddell
Centre 05

722 x 1024
The top of one of the windows as seen from higher up.
Eric Liddell
Centre 06

1280 x 851
This attractive metal stairway is part of the refurbishments.
Eric Liddell
Centre 07

681 x 1024

A vertical shot with the wide angle lens shows the view down as well as up.

Eric Liddell
Centre 08

1280 x 851
A sunny corner of an older, stone-built stairway. Visit the Eric Liddell Centre website.
Holy Corner

1152 x 864
An exposure of a few seconds caught the morning rush hour traffic creating interesting light trails at this busy junction. A little bit of accidental camera-shake at the start of the exposure caused some traces to wobble.
The green LCD bus tracker sign announces likely arrival times of buses early on a sunny October afternoon.
Roof View
1152 x 864
A study of chimney pots above Holy Corner.
Holy Corner 2004
1152 x 864
The afternoon sun shines straight down Colinton Road onto the crossroads.
John Livingston's Tomb 00
1280 x 901
From The Citizen November/December 2006: For the time being the garden and tomb are again open to the public. The owners of 1 Chamberlain Road have appealed against the decision of the Land Court confirming that the Council does have legal title to the land.
John Livingston's Tomb 01
1280 x 916

Background from the Edinburgh Evening News 1st December 2005: Built as a memorial to John Livingston, the walled garden on Chamberlain Road houses the 17th century botanist's tomb and a memorial plaque. It is understood the action has been taken by the new owners of the house next door, who are thought to be claiming the garden belongs to them. A row of six-foot conifers also sprung up last week to conceal the entrance to the garden, and a commemorative bench was removed.

This area was once the Boroughmuir, a wooded area outside the city of Edinburgh where Kings went hunting. When the Black Death came, this area was considered far enough away from the city to be safe from spreading or catching it. This third photo in this series shows a closer view of the entrance way.
John Livingston's Tomb 03
681 x 1024
236 K
The actual tombstone (referred to in the plaque in the next photo)
John Livingston's Tomb 04
688 x 1024
The text on this plaque is very informative. It starts: John Livingston, an apothecary, acquired the substantial estate of Greenhill in the 1630s, but his enjoyment of it was short-lived; after perhaps nine years' occupation he succumbed, in 1645, to the Black Death. It was a particularly virulent epidemic, in the course of which most people fled from the city, and half the population of Leith may have died.
The plaque continues with the text on the tombstone, as well as more historical information.

John Livingston's Tomb 05
1280 x 851

This last shot in the series shows the view from the tombstone looking back towards the gate way.
Tomb 06
1280 x 850
Just another updated snap when I was passing. July 2010.
Holy Corner Bus Stop 6
1280 x 854
No apologies for the next 3 pictures because they all show our livingroom window.
Holy Corner Bus Stop 7
1280 x 854
This is a very busy bus stop towards the city centre. LRT services 11, 15, 16, 23 and 45 all stop here. Other notable services include the MacEwan's buses from Dumfries.
Holy Corner Bus Stop 8
1280 x 854
The last of the bus stop pictures shows the front of the semi-detached two-storey villas next to Christchurch.
Holy Corner '09
1280 x 854
Looking south towards Holy Corner from the junction of Bruntsfield Place with Merchiston Place and Montpelier Park. The Pentland's Hillend provides a background for Church Hill.
Bus Stop 9
1280 x 850
Crowds of student types appear here periodically. We think they come from overseas and are accomodated at nearby Napier University.
Bus Stop 10
1280 x 850
Zoomed in to have a closer look at some of the travelers headed for the city centre.
Google 3D
1471 x 962
Holy Corner looking towards Edinburgh Castle and the Firth of Forth as depicted in Google Earth 3D view. Each time I look more buildings have been modeled in 3D.
Our View 44
1080 x 1080
Photographed on 29/11/2010
Holy Corner Bus Stop
1280 x 960
The snow persisted. This photo taken 19/12/2010. A welcoming light shines from Christchurch. The bank's car park at the corner only has two parked vehicles for once. The buses are still running and the green illuminated sign promises buses soon.
Our View 50
1280 x 850
Telephoto view of Howden Glen in the Pentland Hills. The chimneys in the foreground are at the corner of Morningside Road and Colinton Road opposite the Tesco Metro store.
Our View 47
1280 x 747
Taken later than view 50 (different camera) after the thaw made the hills somewhat stripey and the atmosphere misty where the A720 city bypass is.
Our View 49
1280 x 915
Looking into the morning sun over Blackford Hill Observatory on 29/12/2010. Photo taken from where I'm at as I type this text later on the same day.

Taken from our window, this is a twilight shot taken at 10.30pm on the last day of May.

Steeple 06
1280 x 814
As seen from Chamberlain Road, looking over the roof of Morningside United Church.
3D Holy Corner
1280 x 648
Not a photo but captured from Google Earth's 3D view as is the next image too. The view from Chamberlain Road shows Holy Corner on the left. I can see the window of the room I'm currently in but I'm not going to say where it's located...
Napier-Holy C
1590 x 970
Napier Road is at the bottom of this 3D Google Earth image. Merchiston Crescent and Napier University are on the right with Holy Corner just beyond. Boroughmuir school is in the distance on the left.
Aerial View 0
1680 x 1050
The first of 3 aerial views of Bruntsfield captured with either Alt+PrintScreen to the Windows Clipboard, or Windows 7's Snipping Tool. Bruntsfield Place runs from bottom right to just above left middle. The red circle denotes the centre of the EH10 4DQ postcode area.
Aerial View 1
1680 x 1050
Also facing west. The cross-shaped building is the old British Telecom building which spoils the Grange district's appearance. To its right, near the centre is the green copper dome of St Bennet's, visited by the Pope. Two main roads head west, Church Hill and Chamberlain Road.
Aerial View
1920 x 1080
A north facing view showing Napier University at bottom left. Merchiston's leafy lanes are behind. Holy Corner is right of centre, near the bottom. To view more images like these go to
Napier Slabs
1280 x 960
If you should walk along Colinton Road past Napier University you may notice some ugly concrete slabs laid out across the ground in a fenced off area beside the footpath. I used an effect here to give some visual interest and hide the ugliness.
1280 x 786
May 2012 and there are changes under way in Bruntsfield. Despite local and vocal opposition the former Peckham's Delicatessen is changing into a Sainsbury's. Open every day 7am-11pm.

1280 x 946
Boroughmuirhead Post Office closed down, moved sideways 200 yards, shut down (time passed), reopened across the road. Its original premises turned into a Ferrari restaurant briefly then shut down. It's now going to be Bruntsfield Kitchen, probably another eating establishment.
1280 x 850
Unable to perch on nearby trees in Bruntsfield Place, a seagull stands on a lamp post and looks for a chance to swoop down and snatch something edible.
Bus Stop
1280 x 960
A bus is stationary at the Holy Corner bus stop. A coach whizzes past, creating light trails.
Pizza Man
1280 x 823
Domino promoting another new takeaway. Tony Macaroni's initial promotion was better, actually handing out samples. Nearby coffee shops have also given away free coffee. Domino's effort was to put this poor dude out in the rain.
Beggar Woman
1280 x 907
A familiar sight at a popular site - Holy Corner in 2013 and 2014. This is the side entrance to Christ Church, beside the normally busy pedestrian crossing.
Beggar Man
1280 x 869
This time it's a male, though not in exactly the same place. This is at the entrance to the Bank of Scotland.

Howe Dean
800 x 600
The bottom end of the footpath which leads from Blackford Glen up to Braid Hills Drive.
Kings Theatre
1024 x 768

A red sandstone building which features stage plays, musicals and Christmas pantomimes.

Kings 04
1280 x 853
Two shots of the Kings Theatre's entrance doors. The wooden doors look fine but the brass plates are a bit battered looking and the marble step is cracked.
Kings 05
1280 x 854
Stepping back a couple of paces gives this wider view showing the illuminated canopy which provides shelter for theatregoers on rainy evenings.
Lang Linn
800 x 600
The top entrance to this path beside Braid Hills Drive which connects Comiston with Liberton. This and the next picture also feature on the Bruntsfield & Beyond A-B (Blackford Hill) page.
Lang Linn
1024 x 768
The Lang Linn path descends from Braid Hills Drive to Blackford Glen. The field on the right extends eastwards to Howe Dean Path. Nature has regained a foothold here - but there are pressures to turn this area into yet another golf course. Update: The golf course came. Big money is turning Scotland into a Golf Theme Park.

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